Clean and healthy classrooms and school environments foster increased learning and improve test scores.

When cleanliness, health and cleaning-speed are your school or university's top priorities, CFR's innovative carpet cleaning machines will help you achieve these goals. With CFR, you'll reduce the cost of cleaning, minimize machine down-time, and improve worker safety, comfort and indoor air quality (IAQ). Our versatile carpet care family includes:

Pro 500
Pro-Series Continuous Flow Recycling Extractor
Cascade 20
Self-Contained Continuous Flow Recycling Extractor
Safer Carpet Cleaning Chemicals
Recycling Chemicals DfE Recognized
Carpet Cleaning Chemicals
CFR Chemicals Can Save You Time and Money
Pro-Dryer Series of Blowers
Ensuring spaces are dry, safe and ready for immediate use.
Commercial DownDraft™ Fan
Whole Room Drying in Just Minutes
Commercial Whole Room Dryer
The Professional Choice for Floor Care
Pro-Lite Upright Vacuum
Lightweight Upright Vacuum: Price, Performance and Pick Up
Mobility, Versatility and Deep Extraction Power
Hand Tools

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