Achieve elevated standards of sanitation required in healthcare environments and nursing homes.

A clean healthcare environment not only improves patient, nurse and physician safety, but ensures greater patient satisfaction and is proven to deliver faster healing times. With CFR you can control allergens and odor with scientifically proven Ozone-assisted cleaning. The results? CFR extractors effectively neutralize viruses, bacteria, allergens and organic substances that cause offensive odors in carpets. Odors are eliminated immediately, leaving your space smelling fresh and clean.

Pro 500
Pro-Series Continuous Flow Recycling Extractor
Cascade 20
Self-Contained Continuous Flow Recycling Extractor
Safer Carpet Cleaning Chemicals
Recycling Chemicals DfE Recognized
Carpet Cleaning Chemicals
CFR Chemicals Can Save You Time and Money
Pro-Dryer Series of Blowers
Ensuring spaces are dry, safe and ready for immediate use.
Commercial DownDraft™ Fan
Whole Room Drying in Just Minutes
Commercial Whole Room Dryer
The Professional Choice for Floor Care
Hand Tools

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