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CFR Offers Tips for Choosing Your Next Extractor    Cleanfax Online - October 7th 2015
CFR recently created a list of tips for professional carpet cleaners and cleaning contractors to help with the often difficult process of choosing the right extractor to purchase, according to a press release.
THE CUSTOMER PRE-INSPECTION    Cleanfax Online - July 20, 2015
Has this ever happened to you? A potential customer finds you and your company online, possibly through a social media post. She goes to your website, likes what she sees and...
Become a Deal Maker, Not a Deal Breaker    CMM Online - May 2, 2015
The recent economic downturn has led many contract cleaning companies to diversify their services, according to a 2012 study by the Freedonia Group, an international business research group based in the United States...
Speeding Up Carpet Cleaning    April 15, 2015


Carpet Trends Addressed    February 4, 2014



The Great Mold Brush-Up    February 25, 2011


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