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Is There an RFP in Your Future?
 Cleanfax Online - September 10, 2015
While the request for proposal (RFP) process is common in the professional commercial cleaning industry, it is not as common for carpet cleaning technicians — even those primarily focused on commercial carpet cleaning — to encounter RFPs...
Running Strong
 Cleanfax Online - May 14, 2015
Let's face it...running any business can have it's share of headaches...and successes...
Tips for speeding up Commercial Cleaning jobs
 Cleanfax Online - April 15, 2015
CFR (continuous recycling extractors) recently created a list of seven ways carpet cleaners can speed up commercial jobs, allowing them to move on to other jobs more quickly and increase revenue, according to a press release...
Why All the Questions?
 Cleanfax Online - April 8, 2015
Carpet cleaning technicians are likely to be in for a few surprises when they venture from residential carepet cleaning to commercial carpet cleaning...
Cold Weather Quandry
 Cleanfax Online - January 30, 2015
Wintertime is a slow time for many carpet cleaning technicians. Some techs take advantage of this time to improve their marketing efforts and marketing skills...


The Wonder of Wands
 CMM Online - December 29, 2014
What always amazes me is how often buildeing service contractors and in-hose facility service providers-as well as carpet cleaning technicians-overlook the importance of the wand when they are selecting a carpet extractor...
Sustainable Carpet Cleaning
 Cleanfax Online - December 16, 2014
What's wrong with this scenario?....
Are hard surface floors really greener?
 McKnight's Long-Term Care News - September 15, 2014
More and more long-term care and similar facilities are now installing hard surface flooring - including tile, cement, terrazzo, etc. - instead of carpeting.
Tips To Combating Recurring Carpet Spots
 CleanLink News - September 9, 2014
Many carpet cleaning technicians have run into this problem: you clean a soiled, spotted carpet. All looks fine when you leave and then a few days later, spots not only return, they're even bigger...
Cleaning That Counts - September 8, 2014
Determining how often carpets should be cleaned in a commercial facility has always been a bit of a mystery because there are simply no set guidelines...
Five tips on starting a carpet cleaning business
 Cleanfax - July 3, 2014
With the carpet cleaning season in full swing, many people may be thinking of starting their own carpet cleaning service....
Finding Real Floorcare Savings
 CMMOnline - June 17, 2014
It is no secret to anyone in the professional cleaning industry that cleaning budgets, especially for educational facilities, have been cut dramatically....
Carpet Mold: How to Identify and Resolve this problematic Issue
 Cleaning Specialist - April 30, 2014
Mold in carpeting is a far bigger and more dangerous problem than many people realize. Mold spores are naturally airborne, and if the find a food source and a damp area, they can feed on it....
Getting the Most Out of Wet/Dry Vacuums
 BSCAI Services - February 6, 2014
Using a wet/dry vacuum is typically the most effective and quickest way to remove moisture and soils from the floor....
Are Backpack Vacuums Back in the Limelight?
 ISSA - January 22, 2014
Commercial backpack vacuum cleaners were first made available in 1987. Since then, they have certainly had their supporters and enthusiasts....


The Importance of the Wand
 Cleanfax Online - November 5, 2013
The wand on a carpet extractor plays a far more important role in effective carpet cleaning than many carpet cleaning technicians and cleaning professionals may realize...
Repairing Carpet Damage left by Office Furniture
 Reminetwork - September 9, 2013
When office carpet becomes damaged it's time to repair or replace. If the appearance is still fair to good, and the only noticeable harm is furniture impressions, the former is the most viable and cost-effective option....
A Strange Carpet Phenomenon
 CMM Online - August 28, 2013
A strange phenomenon often happens with wall-to-wall carpets, especially those installed in very large areas such as hotel ballrooms...
Tips To Choosing The Right Carpeting
 Cleanlink News - August 22, 2013
Carpet cleaning technicians and carpet cleaning professionals are often asked to advise their clients on the selection of new carpets....
Three Keys to Green Carpet Care
 ISSA - July 2, 2013
While the practice of green cleaning in schools and offices has become fairly common, green carpet care is a lesser known exercise....
Sustainable Cleaning
 Industry News - July 2013
While Green has become a norm in the industry, the professional cleaning industry continues to evolve....
Eleven Commandments and 10 Steps of Green Carpet Care
 Building Services Management - April 2013
To help make carpet care 'greener' and healthier for cleaning professionals, carpet cleaning technicians, building user, and the environment, CFR, a manufacturer of recycling carpet extractors, has released the "Eleven Commandments of Green Carpet Care."...
Carpet Cleaning Wastewater Disposal Tips
 ISSA - April 10, 2013
Spring and summer, the busiest times of the year for the carpet cleaning industry, are right around the corner....
Watch Your Waste
 Cleanfax Online - March 4, 2013
In many ways, the carpet cleaning industry as we know it began in the early 1950's....
Sustainable Carpet Cleaning
 ICS Magazine - February 2013
While carpet cleaning and professional cleaning are viewed as two distinct industries with their own special needs, concerns and interests, they do have many things in common....


How Well Do You Know pH?
 i Cleaning Specialist Magazine - August 20, 2012
For carpet and upholstery cleaning technicians, a thorough understanding of pH and how it can impact cleaning is critical....
Low-Moisture Carpet Cleaning Issues Addressed
 Cleanlink News - December 13, 2012
The Eleven Commandments of Green Carpet Care
 Cleaning & Maintenance Management - November 19, 2012
A Tough Economy Calls for Tough Spot and Stain Removal Procudures
 ISSA - August 7, 2012
While the cleaning industry-and ISSA in particular-strive to reinforce the value of proper cleaning and its role in preserving building assets, tough economic times can pressure certain facilities to scale back their regular carpet cleaning programs...
How Much Do You Know about pH?
 Cleanlink News - July 31, 2012
What Do You Know about pH?
 Building Services Management - July 30, 2012
Reducing Water Consumption a Key Concern
 Cleanlink - May 16, 2012
Brushing Up on Your Water Vocabulary
 ISSA Online - May 1, 2012
CFR To Emphasize “Responsible Cleaning” in 2012
 Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online - January 18, 2012
The Rental Option
 ASUMAG.COM - January 2012
Water and Cleaning
 Sustainable Facility - January 2012


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CFR Extractor Earns Gold Seal of Approval Rating
 Cleaning & Maintenance Management Online - November 7, 2011
The Time to Go Green Has Arrived
 Green Building News - September 9, 2011


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 CMM Online: August 24, 2010
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CFR Gets DfE Recognition
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