Safer Carpet Cleaning Chemicals

Recycling Chemicals DfE Recognized 

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The unique technology used in the formulation of the CFR chemical system make it the only line of carpet care chemicals that continue to perform under recycling. CFR chemical products have been specifically designed to enhance the performance of the patented CFR recycling system. These chemicals are truly green and all are DfE recognized. These are perfect for use in any Green or LEED building.

  • Eco-Excell
  • Eco-Reclaim
  • Eco-Defoam
  • Eco-All-Purpose Spotter
  • DfE Approved
  • Super concentrated superior deep cleaning results.
  • Solvent-free products to improve Indoor Air Quality.
  • Comprehensive line for every fabric cleaning need.
  • Simple, foolproof, user-friendly system.
  • Recyclable to be used effectively up to 7 times.
  • Formulated to be recovered quickly and completely by CFR workstations to prevent overwetting, accelerate drying, and leave virtually no residue.

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